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In December 2015 I was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. They won't be able to cure it, and have found that chemotherapy didn't work, so now the only treatment I receive is to make me more comfortable. I am not expected to live beyond the end of this year. Inevitably, this means that I am spending less time on my online music collection, though I do intend to continue with it as time permits. If there is anyone who would be interested in taking over the website, please get in touch. I do have almost everything needed to complete the current phase, as well as other music which might be added, such as B-sides.

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I am sorry to say that Mega a while back refused to accept the money I was paying them. None of their then options to pay would work. They now won't let me into my account. I have no idea how long the existing links will continue to be available. I have no desire to upload everything someplace else yet again (this is the third time I have been let down), but for a while I will try to deal with problems as reported. Mega have started sending me notices requiring me to take down links for copyright reasons. I can't get into my account to do anything, so I guess they will close everything down, shortly.

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As an alternative to downloading, you could send me an external (USB) disk, and I will be happy to copy my whole collection, and post it back to you. I can't handle disks formatted for Apple. I'll include the Billboard Top 100s of the Year, and the Rolling Stone Magazine's Top 500 Songs of All Time. The disk will need free space of about 180 Gigabytes. Iinitially, I did that for a guy in Guyana who had an almost impossible download option. He was delighted. Hundreds of people from many countries have now responded to this offer (they were equally delighted) - why not you? It's far easier for me to copy to an external disk than to post a year of Minors. This offer IS available world-wide, and will remain so until I post otherwise on this site. All I will charge is the actual postage cost (well less than the cost of a regualar CD). I've recently posted one to Kansas, USA, for £6.76 (just under $12). I don't really want to continue the download option, it takes so much effort, but that has continued, thanks to the donors. Some correspondents have been generous and sent me more than the postage, but I don't ask that. If you want just a few tracks, I'd be happy to copy those to a 'memory stick' which can usually be posted for a 'Large' stamp in the UK. Please restrict your list to twenty songs, and include year and track number, as shown on the relevant page(s). Most pages show the sizes of the individual songs. Please also pack sensibly (to protect the corners), and include return postage.
Send an email to for further details.

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I have everything from the weekly Top 40s from 1952 to 2015 on my site. I have embarked on a new phase - finding every song in my book, i.e. songs that achieved 41 to 75, which I am calling Also Ran. I now have a complete list of all the songs needed (many thanks to Elliot C for this), so have start posting those. I have quite a lot of work to do to adjust that list to conform to my house style, but my work so far shows that I do already have about 98% of all the songs. There will be something of a pause before I post the rest of the eighties - I want to identify the handful I believe I am still missing for that decade (of a little over 3,000 songs), in the hope that between us we can find those before I get to posting the relevant years. Currently missing: 1985 Eric Clapton feat. Michael Kamen - Edge Of Darkness. Many thanks to Spencer and David B for this.

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If you like what you found here (or even if you didn't!), please leave a message in my Guest Book. I'm not looking for any personal information, but I would like to know which Town and Country you are in, as well as any comments you would like to make. The email box there IS entirely optional, but if you want a response I will need that. If you DO like, why not Bookmark this page? If it is in your "Favourites" it will be easy to come back here, to see my latest updates. I WILL be updating it regularly. Just press <Ctrl>D

I'm just an ordinary guy. I DO make mistakes. All that I've been told about have been corrected. If you discover anything which needs fixing, PLEASE tell me about it, so I can deal with it! I do need to be told about even the very trivial errors - I can't spot them myself. Many thanks to "James T. Kirk" who has pointed out several typos and poor or missing links on the website. I've posted a large number of corrections / omissions in April 2014, which affect most of the pages.
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Many thanks to Music Kid, Pete B, Phil R, Phil S, Robin T and Elwood who have contributed such a lot, as well as all the others who have helped.

Keep coming back - I am getting there, with fantastic assistance from SO many people!

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I have had emails from people hoping to make money from this site. Let me make it very clear - I never sought any pecuniary advantage, and never will. I'm sharing what I have without any charge - there isn't even any advertising on my site. I'm delighted that I can help other people update their collections, but the only purpose ever was, and will continue to be, to complete mine.


The site lists the songs in year order. If you want to view them in another order, such as in Artist or Track Title order, or perhaps more importantly to search for a particular track, you may find my database useful.

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