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The Hits are listed on the website in year order. With a database, you can view them by Artist or by Track Title, or many other ways, especially searching for a particular song. I'm also adding brief biographical notes for many of the Artists.

My own version (written in Access 97) is not "user-friendly". It's not difficult to use, but you will need the "Professional" version of Microsoft Office to be able to use it. I'd be very happy to add some extra Queries if people want them. I have created quite a few for friends, most of which have now been deleted since the purpose was fulfilled. I don't know whether it's possible to read that with "Open Office" - it may be. Although it is in Acess-97 format, it is compatible with all the later versions that I've tried.

It does include more than my UK Charts, notably the Billboard Top 100s for every year up to and including 2009.

Sometime soon, I must add the Rolling Stone Magazine's Top 500 Songs - I've had those for some years. That includes quite a few which were never released as singles.

I'm also intending to add all the Artist albums I have, though probably not the tracklists for several years. There's SO much to do!

There is a more 'User Friendly' version available, courtesy of Mike M, which includes 'partial' searching by Artist or Song Title. For example if you search Artist for 'clapt' it shows everything by Eric Clapton, including the ones where he is mentioned as a supporting player. Unfortunately, we haven't managed to get the two databases into step, so that is rather out of date.

I've lost contact with Mike M., but Elwood has made available an excellent enhanced version of my database, using Access 2007. Elwood's database now contains all the information from my database, and more details for many of the songs. That works with a free download from Microsoft of 'Access Runtime'. He has recently enhanced that with masses of additional information..


My Database
up to an including:
Billboard Top 100 Hits of 2009
UK Top 100 Hits of 2015
UK Minor Hits of 2015
UK Also Ran in 1979


User Friendly Database
up to 1991 Minor Hits


Elwood's Database

Microsoft's free Aceess Runtime

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9 May 2016
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