UK Minor Hits of 1954

Note that the track numbers do not represent any kind of ranking. They simply exist to present the list in my my interpretation of alphabetical order. I've started at 201 to avoid confusion with the Top 100, where ranking IS implied

UK Minor Hits of 1954

1954-201 Dickie Valentine - Endless.mp3 3.1MB [2:44]
1954-202 Joan Regan & The Johnston Brothers - Wait For Me Darling.mp3 2.4MB [2:06]
1954-203 José Ferrer - Woman (Uh-Huh).mp3 1.7MB [2:25]
1954-204 Max Bygraves - Heart Of My Heart.mp3 2.0MB [2:50]

Total file size: 9.2MB Total run-time: 00:10:07



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